Introducing Octopress

Today I’m reopening my personal blog. And it comes with a big change. I’ve migrated from Wordpress to Octopress. Mainly for the content-orientation aspect of Octopress. I’m very tired to fight against the so cool web interface of Wordpress for managing posts and all the stuff. I think Wordpress it’s a great product besides the internal crappy code, but I like the simplicity of Octopress & Jekyll.

The pros

Mainly the reasons for the change have been

  1. Octopress is dead simple. You don’t need complicated and bloated web interfaces. Instead is a matter of write content. As simple as that.
  2. It’s fast than Wordpress. Remember Octopress is based on Jekyll, a static blog-aware web site generator, that dumps all your posts to plain HTML.
  3. Levarages git. Git is used to keep track of all the changes in your content :)
  4. Plays nice with Github. Jekyll is intended to be deployed to github pages, so to publish the blog had been matter of minutes.

The cons

Must admit. Octopress / Jekyll isn’t the silver bullet.

  1. It’s hard to get started. I’m a ruby newby! :(
  2. Don’t use Octopress if your main concern it’s not only to write content.